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Kirner Family

I am researching ancestors of the following Kirner Family names:

Mathias Kirner and Maria Tritschler of Baden, Germany, their son
Joseph Kirner (b 1820) married Julianna Heine (b 1820) both of Baden, Germany

The only child of theirs that I have information on is as follows:

Matheus Kirner (b 1853) in Eisenbach, Germany arrived in the USA in Aug. 1871. He married Barbara Reil (b 1850), in Jan. 1880 in Milwaukee, WI.


Matthew and Barbara had (5) children. (4) Males and (1) Female named:

  • Joseph (b 1881)
  • Edward (b 1884)
  • John (b 1885)
  • Philip (b 1889)
  • Anna (b 1891)

Son Joseph (b 1881) married Amanda Wagenknecht (b 1883), in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
See a beautiful wedding picture.

They had (3) children. (2) Males and (1) Female named:

  • Matthew (b 1906)
  • Harvey (b 1908)
  • LuEtta (b 1910)

Daughter LuEtta (b 1910) was my mother. See Schulz.

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